EASG Pte. Ltd. in collaboration with PT Integrasi Megakanal Agency for Business Alliance

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EASG Pte. Ltd. in collaboration with PT Integrasi Megakanal Agency for Business Alliance

Source: https://www.koran-jakarta.com/easg-pte--ltd-gandeng-pt-integrasi-megakanal-agensi-buat-aliansi-bisnis/

JAKARTA - Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Singapore e-Agency (EASG Pte. Ltd.), Nobumi Sato embraces PT Integration Megakanal Agency, represented by Natya Tamarina as President Director to create business alliances. This business alliance was formed with the aim of seeing the 2019 Virus Disease pandemic (Covid-19) which affects many people and has a huge impact on the global economy.

Enterprise Commerce Cloud Service (ECCS) is the right choice to meet the needs of retail businesses with retail service methods better known as Retail as a Service (RAAS). With marketing principles that combine online and offline channels, or what is now known as Online and Offline Merger (OMO), ECCS maximizes sales because it integrates online and offline channels into one system. This ECCS platform, has also been running and has been used by several clients.

"ECCS can optimize the opportunities for retail businesses to reach all customers by providing shopping experiences through online channels, which include official online stores and marketplaces accessed by desktop or mobile, to offline channels, or we usually call physical stores. ECCS makes retail businesses easily increase and develop their sales, because with ECCS all sales channels will easily control through one dashboard, "said Natya in Jakarta, Wednesday (15/4).

"ECCS...", continued Natya, "integrates all marketplaces in Indonesia. Thus, when a seller enters or changes product data once through the ECCS system, the data in all marketplaces will automatically be updated."

"Not only that...", Natya said, "all transactions will also be integrated, so that the seller does not need to bother checking orders in each marketplace, because all orders from all connected marketplaces will be accepted at ECCS. Inventory or stock calculation is also integrated, so that when a sale is made, the stock will be updated throughout the marketplace, and of course this makes it easy for the seller to control the availability of goods.”

"Over time, the Covid-19 outbreak spreads very quickly, and has a significant impact on the decline in retail sales. This is the right time for all retail sellers to change their business with ECCS. We will help sellers to meet customer satisfaction, maximize sales, and optimize all customer needs by providing an online shopping experience, mobile to offline stores, "said Sato.

Launch D2C @ Kemang

This year, along with the running of ECCS, Megakanal launched a marketplace with the name 'D2C @ Kemang'. This marketplace uses ECCS as a backbone system and provides three sales methods that are suitable for all retail sellers, both for small to large scale retail stores.

The first method is, Direct to Consumer or direct sales to consumers, which allows producers to sell products directly produced or produced directly to consumers. The advantage of this method is, consumers will get relatively cheaper prices for goods, and producers can get to know customers better.

Then, the second method is Crowdfunding or funding, where, if you have a brilliant idea about a new product but don't have enough funds to produce the product, this method can be used as an effective alternative to get capital in order to build a business. This category can support dreams come true.