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INSTANT because it only takes in 5 minutes to register your store at
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3 in 1 category puts your business on the fast track

Through Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) marketing method, you will be more closely
Connected with your customers, so that you can provide products that reflect
customer needs, and have the effect of building sustainable and mutually
beneficial relationships for our aim to maintain a “Good purchasing experience”

D2C Marketplace

EC-INSTANT allows all the products that you list on D2C@Kemang to be integrated with well-known
marketplaces in each country, so that it really helps you to expand your marketing. EC-INSTANT also
provides a single dashboard, where all product and transaction information can be controlled easily
and practically. Through this single dashboard, you will also make it easier to analyze the marketplace
and understand the voice of consumers better, so that better products can be created.

D2C Subscription

D2C Subscription is a method of selling by subscribing. Customers can purchase the desired
product to continue shipping for a certain period of time. This sales method will help you to get
certainty of production. Another advantage is that you can be sure of your future production
estimate and sales together, so you can reach multiple customers in the same marketing effort.

D2C Pre-Order Crowd Funding

We help bring great ideas with limited capital to life and help ensure superior products reach the
market, even abroad. D2C Pre-Order Crowdfunding ensures production forecasts and secures the
funds needed for production. By teasing and explaining your product development ideas and stories
in detail with photos and videos, we win the sympathy of supporters, realize product development
with limited capital, and expand sales channels to the world. D2C Pre-Order Crowdfunding supports
your business success.

Only with 3 simple steps to start your e-commerce business

Fill out the form and register yourself then verify your email
Prepare your store and the location from shipping.
Upload your product information, photos, prices and stock

You can open your shop and upload 10 products on
D2C@Kemang for FREE, and automatically, these
products will also appear on well-known

EC-INSTANT charges 15% of the total money received from customers for each transaction.

Additional SKU*

Rp. 3000
per SKU

Additional Administrator

Rp. 50.000 per

*SKU: Stock keeping unit

The Advantages

  • Appeared as an official shop at D2C@Kemang
  • Sell your products simultaneously at D2C@Kemang and in each well-known marketplaces
  • Single and centralized warehouse and inventory system with automatic stock reduction
  • Direct Message System with customers through the official shop at D2C@Kemang