Connect, consolidate, and
centrally manage all best
marketplaces in Indonesia!

Manage and optimize all your products inventory, customer list, and sales information
in all best marketplace in Indonesia centrally, from EC-INTEGRATE management screen!

Use the EC-INTEGRATE dedicated management screen to centrally manage and optimize many tasks!
Repeat logging in-out to different management screens of each marketplace for inserting products,
managing orders, updating inventory, will only spending the time and effort.

Have you been experiencing a hard time controlling your shops
in each marketplace?

We deliver platform that allows you to centrally manages and optimizes your sales, inventory and customer information from all sales channels on a single dashboard.

EC-INTEGRATE eliminates the hassle of repeatedly logging in-out and updating your items on each marketplace! It integrates also your inventory information, so once a sale is made, the inventory across all sales channels will be updated.

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Save valuable time and money with centralized management
of all your shops in each marketplace

Centralized Order Information
Centralized Inventory Information
Centralized Customer Information
Centralized Product Management

It’s as easy as ABC

What you need to do is only copy and past the API Key you received from marketplace
to EC-INTEGRATE management module
Fill out the form and register yourself then verify your email
Enter the API Key that you get from your store in the marketplace
Start control and analysis of your products and sales

Let's Get Started

EC-INTEGRATE provides two forms of report display

  • Sales information displayed in a color chart in real time on the management screen.
    • Daily sales
    • Best selling products
    • The city with the best sales
    • The best selling channel
    • The number of items sold per transaction
    • Net sales price vs. discount
  • Downloadable, tabulated sales information list in real-time.
    • General sales data
    • Products sold per transaction
    • Current inventory of all sales channels
    • Sales data per channel
    • Customer data with shopping history

With this data you can easily analyze your customers by
observing that sales that have occured.

Prepare the API Key that is obtained from each marketplace that you want to integrate
to carry out one integration step, which is entering the API Key into the EC-INTEGRATE management module.

Choose the marketplace you wish to integrate

Once you setup, you areable to upload and integrate up to 10 products and these
products will automatically appear on marketplaces you integrated to. You will also
get all the customers and transactions data up to 10 days before.

Additional Product

Rp. 3.000
per SKU monthly

Additional Access

Rp. 50.000
per administrator monthly

Extended period of

Data Viewing on Dashboard

Rp. 2.000.000 monthly
for unlimited period

Extended period of

Customer Data &
Transaction History

Rp. 2.500.000 monthly
for unlimited period

Access to

All Downloadable Report

Rp. 3.000.000 monthly
for unlimited period

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