Track your inventory in real time.
Recognize from arriving at the warehouse
until sent to consumers.

E-commerce order fulfillment requires fast delivery. And it
requires simple inventory management, which does not
require much time and effort in warehouse work and is
linked to distribution management.

  • Warehouse hierarchy design and optimization
  • Design and optimization of every room / shelf
  • Receipt and confirmation of product supplies
  • Internal product storage and movement
  • Picking products from storage, using the FIFO allocation method
  • Sorting and rotating products
  • Packing, loading, shipping
  • Circular inventory and replenishment
  • Return processing, maintenance and loss prevention
  • Inventory audit
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Warehouse Management
Centralized Order Information Management
Centralized Inventory Information Management

Simplify inventory management with centralized management and optimization of customer orders
and information. Constantly monitor optimization of inventory to prevent out of stock and product
damage with first-in-first-out method.

Hierarchical warehouse design and optimization
including room / shelf design
Receive and confirmation of product inventory
Storage product inventory
Picking for Allocation Out according to the FIFO method used
Picking and sticking tracking barcode for loss prevention and Shipping
Inventory audit and rotating products
Product inventory replenishment

EC-warehouse centrally manages and optimizes orders from multiple sales channels. The system strive to maintain proper inventory by synchronizing all inventories in warehouses and sales channels in real time.

  • On the top of EC-WAREHOUSE dashboard, the administrator will easily be notified for the work to be done, such as:
    • Receiving and confirmation of product inventory (barcode input or manual input)
    • Order Picking for Allocation Out
    • Packing and shipping
  • The number shown notifies how many works that need to be done. If it shown 0, means no more works or all have been finished.

  • In real-time, EC-WAREHOUSE is also displaying:
    • Movement Statistic
    • List of low-stock products
    • List of all products completed with the detail location, quantity, and summary of movement
  • All transactions in EC-WAREHOUSE can be done manually or by scanning barcodes to ensure and speed up all data entry.

  • In the Movement Statistic, the administrator can analyze the performance in real-time.
    • If the number of Request, Allocation-Out, and Delivery are the same, means the work of fulfilling orders has done.
    • If the number of Receive and Allocation-In are the same, means the work of receiving products has done.

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For only Rp. 1,000,000 monthly

  • Up to 2 storages in a single warehouse
  • Up to 10 SKU with 100 items per SKU
  • Manual or barcode identification, product sorting, product barcode printing function
  • Product inventory movement (in, out, move between storages)
  • Picking and packing by system, with box barcode printing system
  • Delivery reservation and completing notification by system
As your business grows, you can make service improvements according to your needs.
Additional Product

Rp. 3.000
per SKU

Additional Access

Rp. 50.000
per administrator

Additional storage
and items

Rp. 2.000.000
for unlimited number of storage and items

Extended Period of
Stock Movement

Rp. 3.500.000
for unlimited period

*Additional warehouse is only available on EC-LOGISTICS