With Enterprise Commerce Cloud Service (ECCS), brands are able to centrally manage their products across all online or offline sales channels on one management screen.

Customer behaviour tracking tool: Management screen

Here, you can see and analyzes customer behavior with sales report for each channel such as official brand’s e commerce site, e Marketplaces, D2C Experience Center as well as real stores located in various regions.

Inventory Optimization System

ECCS automatically collects product sales trend reports for each channel as well as the region. Inventories control system tracks online & offline channels and distributes inventory according to sales in real time.

Logistics Optimization System

ECCS automatically sends delivery instructions to the closest physical store or warehouse to the buyer that have available products.


All product displayed in the experience center will have a QR code embedded to allow customers to check the detailed informa;on such as inventory color and sizes. Most importantly customers can touch the products, something that cannot be fulfilled by e-commerce. Also, they have the op;on to order with unique online features. By experiencing this OMO (Online Merges with Offline), we hope they will have a good buying experience while mee;ng their needs.

Through this OMO (Online Merges with Offline) measure, the producer can increase the sales rate and learn the customer's journey through the informa;on from the tablet and QR code of each product. This information will then be used to improve the product or service for the customers.

D2C Experience Center Indonesia located at:
3rd Floor Kemang 15
Jl. Kemang Raya RT.13/RW.1, Bangka, Mampang Prapatan
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia.

Mr Hagihara - Hagihara President Director

DeveDeveloping business in Indonesia is a big challenge, especially with consumers its unique behavior. But ECCS is very help us to be able to quickly reach all consumers through all channel, online and offline. And digital team Megacanal's strategist is very helpful so we can increase our sales 370% in these 2 years.

Mr Yoshio - Univers Bandung, President Director

The retail business is very different from B2B. Since we decided to also go into the retail business last year, ECCS and the Megacanal team had it an important role in developing retail business us, therefore in this year our sales increased by 120%. Not only that, we can easily analyze the desires and trends of consumers about curtains from all channels, both consumers who come to the experience center, to the marketplace, and to the official website.

Mr Kwok Damien - Story-i :UBTech Indonesia

Our working experience with EASG/Megakanal is pretty long, since mid ‘90 when I handled electrical consumers products. As we all new that Online must Merged with Offline, therefore I asked them to handle our brands who understood conventional advertising (marketing) to digital marketing such as, CRM, e commerce, till sales support application. I reccomend EASG/Megakanal to everyone who facing this paradigm shift!

Mr Tsuru - Toshiba Visual Media Indonesia, Director

Digital transformation (DX) is indispensable in our home appliance industry, and need to prepare all sales channels from digital to analog such as real store to e-commerce. From the beginning of 2000, when I was stationed in Indonesia, We worked together about most of marketing issue such as surveys, in-store displays, product launching events, TV commercial to Print Advertising etc., and even after relocating to Indonesia last year, We offer a wide range of consultations, including digital works like inventory management, e-commerce management, and DX measures such as Sales support applications for optimizes analog to digital works.

Tiara Rahmi - The Sweetest Thing Honey, Public Relation

So many competitors in retail honey business, with each uniqueness. But Megacanal team managed to help us find and highlight of our honey. With the ECCS platform which is very user-friendly, we can easily control all sales and promotions on all channels. Starting from analyzing each one marketplace to make a strategy that is unique to every marketplace with visitors who have different characters