Cardamom Course Herbs

Cardamom Course Herbs

SKU : crdm-crs-001
Category : Food & Beverage
6 herds for 6 months
Life Time 180 Days
Max Visit 6

Price :

Rp 390,000


(Cardamom Is only 2 times can be choose, other 4. Products choose from below per month Rp 65,000 so another cheaper product, need to more than double of gram for this course.)

Choose 6 herbs for 6 month Rp 65,000 per pack

1.Dries ginger 120gr

2.Dries tumeric 120 gr

3.Nutmeg 120g

4.pepper 250g

5.Chili 100gr 250gr

6.nutmeg flower 220g

7.Cinnamon 230g

8.Clove 250g

9.Bay leaf 150g

10. Cardamom 59g