Madu Kapuk (Honey from Cottonwood Nectar)

Madu Kapuk (Honey from Cottonwood Nectar)

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Produced by livestock bees that are cultivated in cottonwood forests and suck cottonwood nectar. The aroma of Madu Kapuk (Cottonwood Honey) is slightly fragrant. This honey does not easily crystallize because the nature of cottonwood honey is absorbing the moisture around it. Original cottonwood honey will release air bubbles when shaken. Madu Kapuk fragrance that slightly pungent is because of the high content of Vitamin C. With a slightly sour taste but still more sweet, this honey is fresh and suitable as a mixture of tea or orange juice.

Some of the benefits of Madu Kapuk are increasing appetite, increasing endurance, treating thrush and burns, treating fever and heartburn, strengthening brain function, and disguising scars and acne when used as a mask.

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