Madu Rambutan (Honey from Rambutan Tree Nectar)

Madu Rambutan (Honey from Rambutan Tree Nectar)

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Produced by apis mellifera, livestock bees that suck rambutan nectar (Nephelium lappaceum L.). Madu Rambutan (Rambutan Honey) has a fresh and distinctive aroma. This original honey emits little air bubbles, if this characteristic does not exist, it could be processed, cooked, or mixed honey. If the honey in a bottle is dried in the sun, froth that appear will keep rising.

Madu Rambutan contains antimicrobial properties that are very good for helping body to eliminate bad bacteria and poisons.
Some of the benefits of consuming Madu Rambutan are increasing endurance, improving urine, strengthening kidney function, treating lumbago, improving brain function, treating heartburn, treating burns, treating asthma coughs, and as a nutritional enhancer for the body.

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