Christmas Hampers

Christmas Hampers

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Christmas Hamper
Christmas Hamper

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Rp 350,000


Give the sweetest and healthiest on Christmas day. The package will contain a jar of honey biscuits and 225 gram honey of your choice:

  • Madu Karet (Honey from Rubber Tree Nectar)
  • Madu Multiflora (Honey from Muti-Flower Nectar)
  • Madu Kapuk (Honey from Cottonwood Nectar)
  • Madu Rambutan (Honey from Rambutan Tree Nectar)
  • Madu Mangga (Honey from Manggo Nectar)
  • Madu Kopi (Honey from Coffee Tree Nectar)
  • Madu Sonokeling (Honey from Sonokeling Tree Nectar)
  • Madu Durian (Honey from Durian Tree Nectar)
  • Madu Kaliandra (Honey from Kaliandra Tree Nectar)
  • Madu Mahoni (Honey from Mahogany Nectar)
  • Madu Kelengkeng (Honey from Longan Tree Nectar)
  • Madu Organik (Organic Honey)
  • Madu Propolis (Propolis Honey)
  • Madu Pollen (Bee Pollen Honey)
  • Madu Royal Jelly (Royal Jelly Honey)

Support you give us by trying out our menu will be used for menu development and packaging design.

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