Madu Kelengkeng (Honey from Longan Tree Nectar)

Madu Kelengkeng (Honey from Longan Tree Nectar)

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Produced by livestock bees that suck the longan nectar (Dimocarpus longan) nectar. Madu Kelengkeng is brownish yellow and transparent. The more nectar sucked, the more brown they are. It tastes very sweet and does not make a headache when inhaled deeply. The original Longan Honey does not clot after a long time of settling and it's easily boiled if heated with fire. High quality Madu Kelengkeng does not dissolve easily in water. Honey will settle to the bottom of the water first.

Consuming Madu Kelengkeng has benefits including increasing endurance, improving brain function, improving urine, treating burns, treating back pain, and facilitating postoperative surgery. Madu Kelengkeng can also be used as a mask.

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