This system fully supports you so you can
concentrate more on your sales activities
with minimal desk jobs!
And increase the sales contract rate.

Sales Support GPS Application

Scheduling and Management support

The sales manager creates meeting schedules for each salesperson, and automatically shares the time and place of the visit location with GPS, which will guide the the salesperson in real time.

Sales Support GPS Application

Schedule Management by Sales Manager

The sales manager schedules appointments with color-coded for each salesperson in the sales calendar.

Sales Representative Meeting Check-in

Upon arriving at the destination, the salesperson "checks-in" to the meeting using the mobile application.

GPS identifies salesperson at check-in, so sales managers can receive reports from each salesperson in real time.

Sales Support GPS Application

Turn Meetings into Sales without Losing Opportunity

Salesperson can check inventory and create purchase orders through the app. The system helps you with order management, inventory management, and schedule return visits, so that salesperson can concentrate on their visits.

If the selected product inventory runs out, the system will notify the next inventory arrival date and so it does not interfere with the sales process.

Automatic and real-time inventory synchronization so salesperson can check inventory in real-time and complete the order process on the spot.

Sales Support GPS Application


An inventory check in a
shopping cart allows making
sales transactions on the

If the selected product
inventory runs out, the
system will notify the date
of arrival of the next
inventory so as not to
interfere with the sales

Your salesperson can
concentrate on the visit.


In a purchase transaction, to
confirm the transaction the
client must enter the OTP
(one-time password) to the
system received via SMS.

The client can approve
orders via the mobile
application. The approval
process occurs immediately
during the meeting.

Sales Support GPS Application

Check invoices and payment history

Sales Manager:

An invoice will be issued automatically when the purchase order is created. The total balance of your invoices will also be automatically aggregated along with your unpaid payments.


All invoices and payment history can be viewed from the registered "mobile" application. Payment can be done offline or from application through the payment gateway.

Sales manager arranges customer visit time and shares it with saleperson through the system.
Sales administrator manages customers list prepares material used in sales activities.
Product inventory management system allows you to check products and confirm orders on site. By providing real-time information to customers, it is possible to place real-time orders for results in business negotiations and confirm them during the visit until the next customer visit date.
Customers can confirm the order of the product and its price in real time.
Customers can receive real-time payment order and invoices via email and applications, reducing their desk jobs.
Simply click "Pay" and customers will be taken to the payment page where they can make online payments on the spot safely and fast to finish the transaction (regular payments are also available).