System will assign warehouses or
stores closest to your customer to do the

EC-LOGISTICS identifies multiple locations as picking points, including warehouses, stores with warehouse functions, and offices.
All ECCS functions including EC-LOGISTICS make it possible to design broader distribution chain scenarios.
By integrating all information across multiple channels it is possible to carry out unified trading for O2O marketing.

Set up one warehouse as a distribution center, manage the inventory of several warehouses centrally, and optimize the appropriate inventory centrally for each location.
It is also possible to set different warehouses for different purposes, such as warehouse A for online sales and warehouse B for offline sales.
It is also possible to set up warehouses at multiple locations representing for each area.

With EC-LOGISTICS you can know the distribution of your inventory among your warehouses in real-time.
You can see which products are in high demand in each warehouse, so you can balance supply and demand right.
It is also possible to optimize inventory accordingly without running out of inventory or excess stock.

Order Optimization
Inventory Optimization
Cost Calculator

EC-Logistics aims to improve customer satisfaction by optimizing supply to meet demand,
taking into efficient delivery and inventory optimization.

  • On the top of EC-LOGISTIC dashboard, the administrator will easily be notified for the work to be done, such as:
    • Receiving and confirmation of product inventory (barcode input or manual input)
    • Order Picking for Allocation Out
    • Packing and shipping
  • The number shown notifies how many works that need to be done. If it shown 0, means no more works or all have been finished.

  • In real-time, EC-LOGISTIC is also displaying:
    • Movement Statistic
    • List of low-stock products
    • List of all products completed with the detail location, quantity, and summary of movement
  • All transactions in EC-LOGISTIC can be done manually or by scanning barcodes to ensure and speed up all data entry.

  • In the Movement Statistic, the administrator can analyze the performance in real-time.
    • If the number of Request, Allocation-Out, and Delivery are the same, means the work of fulfilling orders has done.
    • If the number of Receive and Allocation-In are the same, means the work of receiving products has done.

Let's Get Start

For only Rp. 5,000,000 monthly

  • Order optimization function
  • Inventory optimization function
  • Unlimited number of warehouse
  • Each warehouse consist of up to 2 storage for with 100 items per SKU
  • Manual or scanning product receiving, with product barcode printing system
  • Manual or importing allocation-in to storage, with downloadable report
  • Based on order allocation-out from storage, with downloadable report
  • Product inventory movement (in, out, move between storages)
  • Picking and packing by system, with box barcode printing system
  • Delivery booking and completing by system
As your business grows, you can make service improvements according to your needs.

EC-Logistics is an extension to the EC-Warehouse*

if you have more than 1 warehouse operated for your business or
you have multiple stores that you will make as pick-up points, then
you need EC-Logistics. For its basic functions, EC-Logistics
provides a system for an unlimited number of warehouses with a
maximum of 2 storages with a limited capacity for each warehouse.
But additional storage function is available.

* EC-Logistics cannot be used without EC-Warehouse
Additional storage
and items

Rp. 2.000.000
for unlimited number of storage and items

Extended Period of
Stock Movement

Rp. 3.500.000
for unlimited period